Mosquito Rackets

There are many bug zappers on the market, but the problem with most of them is that they are not portable. That is where mosquito rackets come in. You can carry these electric fly swatters with you when you are walking around. You won’t have to feel helpless to the buzzing sound of mosquitoes around you. Plus, this is a great chemical free way of killing flying pests.

What are Mosquito Rackets?

Mosquito rackets gained mass popularity in 2005. They are also known as handheld bug zappers or electric fly hand-held-mosquito-racketswatters. The beauty of using these mosquito rackets is that they are portable, unlike other bug zappers. If you out hiking or just sitting around camp the campfire, these rackets work wonderfully for pest control. Often times, mosquito rackets are mistaken for tennis rackets since they look like them. However, instead of nylon strings these rackets have wires which are used to electrocute flying insects. These are quite effective mosquito killers. This happens when the insects make contact with the wires. They operate on batteries, which are located at the handle of the racket. There is no reason for you to worry about getting electrocuted, because the voltage released is not high enough to affect humans. However, you will feel a slight shock if you touch the wires.

How Mosquito Rackets Work

Mosquito rackets are very easy to use. They will effectively stun and kill mosquitoes and other pesky, flying insects. All you need to do is imagine that the device is a tennis racket and that the insects are balls. Then, when you see a mosquito, press and hold the switch button on and swing it towards the insect. The batteries will release an electrical charge to the wires when you press the button. When the mosquito contacts those wires they are roasted!

Insects They Work On

These electric fly swatters were originally built to kill mosquitoes, but they work on many other flying insects as well. They will kill predatory wasps, houseflies, deer flies, gnats, and many others. The only exceptions are very large insects like bumble bees and horse flies. These larger bugs will generally just get stunned. They will fall to the ground, and you can step on them.

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