Mosquito Control Product Options

Looking for mosquito killer products? It is important to know your options of mosquito killers that you can use to get rid of mosquitoes and other types of flying insects that bite. There are many different of them and each model can have different uses. This product knowledge will help you know some of the models that often used and understand their uses.

Generally, mosquito killers can be categorized like this:
A. Mosquito larvae control: dunks
B. Mosquito control product: -Indoor usage: aerosol spray, electric zapper, handheld bug swatter racket, fogger-Outdoor, backyard, yards. patio usage: traps (propane, co2, mosquito magnet, mega catch), electric zapper, handheld bug zapper racket, misting systems, foggers

Mosquito Dunks

If you have a standing water in the pond, yard, water gardens, bird baths, empty container, flower pots, roof gutters or any area near your house, it often that this area will become the breeding place of the mosquitoes. This product can help you control mosquito population by killing the larvae. To make this product work, just put it directly in the standing water. Its effect will be up to 100 square feet regardless of the depth.

This dunk is made of Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis) that is very toxic to black fly and the larvae only, and proven to be very safe for your fish, pets, birds, other insects, mammals and humans. It has been used widely in the world with success in killing mosquito larvae for almost a decade. For total control of mosquito population, it’s essential to eliminate the larvae, besides combating the adult form.

Aerosol Insect/Bug Spray

The aerosol insect spray is very common. It usually uses insecticides, although there are other types that use natural substances. This flying insect killer spray with insecticides has proven to be very strong and effective for indoor usage. However, when you spray the room, you should stay away from that area for about 15- 30 minutes, so you won’t breathe the scent too many because it can affect your health in the latter day. For outdoor, the effect will decrease.

Electric Bug Zapper

This type of device is also very popular among other mosquito killers. It depends on ultraviolet light to attract the mosquito-zapperbugs or mosquitoes and the electrical grids to kill them. When the flying insects are attracted to the ultraviolet light, they will come closed to it. In order to get to the light, they have to go through the electrical grids where they will get zapped to death. This device can effectively work up to 1-1/2 acres. There are many different models, both indoor and outdoor use. If you want to choose the best mosquito zapper, you should look for one that gets many positive customer reviews.

Electric Bug Swatter or Handheld Bug Zapper Racket

This electric bug swatter is very helpful and effective to get rid of mosquitoes. Besides it is very cheap, you can bring it everywhere too, both indoor and outdoor activities. That’s why, this handheld bug zapper racket should be used in conjunction with other mosquito control systems. It is also known as electric fly swatter.

Mosquito Traps

One of the new mosquito traps is called mosquito magnet. This trap is useful for outdoor, especially if you want to kill a large number of mosquitoes. This type of trap is used extensively these days because it uses CO2 as the main attractant and the new patent technology called the “counter flow technology”. This new technology makes it possible to reduce their population significantly. Besides this, there are other mosquito traps that also good. You may want to look at and compare them.

Mosquito Mister or Misting Systems

Mosquito mister or misting systems are suitable for barns and stalls. This mister device is very effective in combating the mosquitoes in barns and stalls and it contributes well with the other wire nets to combat them. Misting twice daily is the best solution to keep them away from your valuable horses and animals. Besides the effectiveness, this method is also better for the health of your animals.


Mosquito fogger machine is another great mosquito killer machine that best used for outdoor. However, there is certain type of fogger that can be used for indoor too. In certain case, some people think that fogging these biting insects is the only way to deal with mosquitoes infestations effectively and efficiently.
Those are some of the mosquito killers available in the market today. But, the new technology, new system or even more natural environment friendly products of mosquito killers are being developed and may come to the market any time.

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