Mosquito Misting Systems

Everybody agrees that one of the most annoying insects in warm weather is the mosquito. They swarm around us, they buzz, and they bite! All of that is irritating enough, but the real problem with mosquitoes is that they are major carriers of blood-borne disease to both humans (such as West Nile Virus and Zika) and animals. This means that mosquitoes are a problem not only from a human comfort standpoint, but also for farmers and others who keep animals. The most effective method for fighting mosquito presence is the use of mosquito misting systems.

Basically, a mosquito misting system consists of a reservoir containing some sort of insect repellent and or insecticide.

Common Misting Chemicals

The solution is then sprayed into the environment to be protected. The most common chemical used in these systems is pyrethrum, which is a very common insecticide. Derived from the seed oil of the chrysanthemum flower, pyrethrum has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use around humans, domestic and farm animals for over thirty years. It has also served ass the model for many of the developed chemical insecticides. Pyrethrum also has the advantage of serving as an ongoing deterrent as well as an immediate insect killer.

There are various grades and configurations of these mosquito control systems, ranging from the very simple (a spray bottle) to the more commonly considered automated systems that are connected to a timer. These systems consist of the pesticide reservoir, whatever tubing or pipe system is necessary for delivery, and however many spray nozzles are attached. Typically, a timer is set for a certain interval or time of day. When the system is started, the mosquito-misting-systeminsecticide is sprayed for the prescribed amount of time. Installation of the systems usually requires professional services. Once installed, they are reported to be reasonably reliable, with only routine maintenance required. Many pest control companies sell the upkeep service as part of the package.

There are some legal restrictions involved with misting systems. The Environmental Protection Agency does not regulate the systems themselves, though it does regulate and approve the chemicals and or natural insecticides that may be used in them. Most states do have laws regarding the systems and or the pesticides. These restrictions are another reason it is a good idea to have the systems designed and installed by a qualified, licensed installer. These professionals will also insure that the mosquito misting systems are calibrated and set properly so that the correct amounts of pesticides are being applied.

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Have you wondered at the popularity of professionally installed mosquito misting systems these days? Turn on the TV and you will see advertising for these devices every day.

During mosquito season, people will do almost anything to get relief form this, they light candles, use mosquito swatter, install bug zappers or apply any non-prescribed creams, sprays and other chemical based products on their own skin. A more long term approach would be to install a mosquito misting system.

Automatic pest control systems are the answer to safe, effective mosquito control. As per the experts, mosquito control devices are the best overall killers that lessen health risks. Today these systems are completely effective and guaranteed to eliminate mosquitoes and other insects from any residential properties.

Types of Mosquito Misting Systems

Increasingly popular are the pest control systems that are installed around the perimeter of homes. The automated systems use Pyrethrum which is an active ingredient for pest control systems and is derived from an extract of chrysanthemum flowers African Daisy. Oil is extracted from the seeds of these flowers to be used as Pyrethum. The seeds are then crushed and used to make mosquito coils burned in tropical climates around the world as a mosquito repellent.
Pyrethrum is not only control mosquitoes but also it is used for pest control systems as it activates the hidden insects, driving them from cover and into contact with the main insecticide. This “flushing” action has been most successful in the control of such pests. For these reasons, you should consider looking more closely at mosquito misting systems.

Why an automated mosquito sprayer device? After spending too much time and money on insect coils and other devices of little use, you have finally decided to rid your yard of mosquitoes once and for all.
You’ve been living in a particular neighborhood for a few years and loved the community. Your family had been enjoying the home you chose when you and your husband decided to wed. You’ve never really notice any problems until you’ve felt the bite. Pests are living around the house. What to do now? You’ve tried on sprays, killers, even nets, but of no use. They come back, causing even more deadly threats than before. What you can do. Have your home a mosquito control. Here’s how you can benefit from digital mosquito control systems.

Residential Automatic Mosquito Spray Systems

For residential areas, you and your family can benefit from these systems in many ways. Get your children away from the harms that brought the Dengue Flu and other types of flues by keeping these insects away. The system gives off mist that bade these pests away. These are easily installed in any structure, so you can be sure that putting these systems up won’t be a hassle.

Public Automatic Mosquito Spray Systems

Pools, resorts and other public recreation areas can benefit from these devices as well. Since these are the places where many people stay for relaxation and fun, they could earn much reputation by keeping their area pest-free. With a practical control that is effective killing the mosquito’s, visitors can feel safe and secure while enjoying their time. This is also great to place in restaurants and cafes. Stores can benefit by keeping these pests from their areas. Hospitals are also good places to put these up. Just think of how many patients would be relieved that their rooms would be pest-free! After all the medications they’ve gone through, a mosquito problem would not be a good addition!

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