Indoor Mosquito Traps

Looking for good indoor mosquito trap that works is quite difficult because the choices are limited. Most effective traps are ideal for outdoor use only. Here are 2 known indoor mosquito traps that help you control these biting insects inside your home.

One of the popular types of mosquito traps is the one that uses profane tanks that exude the same chemicals emitted by humans. Although these particular traps are proven to control the mosquito population outdoor, unfortunately, this trap is usually big, and can only be put outside because of complicated mechanisms.

So, for indoor, you can use these 2 home mosquito control systems:

1. The Photocatalyst Mosquito Trap

It is a type of indoor mosquito trap that is cost-efficient and environment-friendly. It effectively traps and kills mosquitoes and other harmful insects without emitting an offending odor. Its effectiveness can be attributed by taking advantages of these insects attractants such as co2, phototaxis and sensitivity to temperature.

The best thing about this indoor mosquito trap is it can release the co2 through the photocatalytic reaction. This photocatalytic reaction is resulted when the TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) exposed to uv (ultraviolet) light. This co2 then lures these annoying bugs to its tank, but doesn’t kill them instantly. Instead, it takes advantage of the sex-message sensitivity by letting the trapped ones send message to opposite sex, then eventually lure these insects in. This particular type isn’t only effective, but can also function as an air purifier as well.

2. LureVac

Another effective one would be the LureVac from “Mosquito Magnet”. Like the famous other lines of this brand, this green-mosquito-trapparticular trap is very efficient; what’s more, it is ideal for use indoors. It uses the same unparalleled counter flow technology of the former Mosquito Magnet brands – that is, using co2 to lure mosquitoes inside. Compared to them, however, the LureVac type is smaller, so it can also be stored instantly if not in use. With these, it would be fairly easy for you to protect your family from having diseases related to them. Sleeping soundly at night will even be a breeze.

Sometimes, using indoor mosquito trap isn’t enough, there are couples of mosquitoes that are still flying around your house and biting you. So, besides indoor mosquito trap, there are other mosquito killer systems and strategies that will help you get rid of mosquitoes and give total protection to your family, especially children.

Using bug zapper rackets will help you kill mosquitoes that don’t get trapped easily. Installing the screen doors, screen windows or mosquitoes netting is very useful. It will give you full protection and prevent these insects entering your home. If you can tolerate the use of aerosol bug spray, then you can take advantages from this too. But make sure that you leave the treated room for at least 30 to 60 minutes, so it will prevent you from inhaling the chemicals.

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