Controlling Mosquitoes at Home

Home mosquito control is a priority subject for those that like to enjoy their yards. Whether it is a barbecue for the family or a neighborhood pool party, home mosquito control is essential for backyard enjoyment.

Because mosquitoes are really tiny, most people will overlook the fact that they can actually be one of the most awful and unpleasant insects in the planet. These people should better remember the sayings “looks can be deceiving” and “do not judge a book by its cover.” The mosquito in reality, is an epitome of the catchphrase “small but terrible,” believe it or not. This alone calls for safe and effective home mosquito control.

If you study the mosquito closely, you will find out that perhaps the threatening body structure found in them is the proboscis, the long piercing tube they use for sucking. Nevertheless, the rattling terror cannot be seen by the naked eye. Some species disseminate lethal illnesses such as encephalitis to humans.

Mosquito treatment is essential to guarantee you do not get these diseases. The basic move to prevention is to deflect woman-applying-cedar-oil-mosquito-repellentthe insects. The two major mosquito treatment methods most commonly used today to lure away the pestering mosquitoes are repellents and mosquito nets. Using both home mosquito control methods may temporarily keep you from being bitten. However, while they are beneficial for outdoor use like picnics and outdoor camping during the summer, they do not do anything to get rid of the insects permanently. The repellents are readily purchasable in the grocery store in the form of lotions, sprays, and incense.

Treating the source of the whole mosquito problem is a better idea. Stopping the parasites from maturation and reproducing is more useful than just luring them off. Make sure to target the mosquito fostering grounds to kill the eggs and larva that could possibly develop into full-pledged blood suckers. Cleanliness is one of the easiest and most obvious methods to treat mosquito infestations. They like the scent of filth, and they can only breed if there is a depository of standing water around. It can be anything from the old tires in the garage, the gutter behind the house, or the plastic containers your kid and his playmates played with last Saturday. Sometimes just cleaning up the yard can be the best home mosquito control.

More Options

Mosquito control is now a necessary component of home maintenance. Mosquitoes are dangerous and disturbing pests or insects. Mosquito bites not only spread the deadly malaria but they also cause painful skin irritations. Understanding the options is the first step you must make if you want to get rid of these disturbing and harmful insects. Eliminating mosquitoes completely from your home requires that that you first destroy all their breeding grounds or habitats. Getting rid of mosquitoes is a challenging task that should be approached in a proactive manner.

Here are several ways or methods that you can use to control mosquito infestation in area or home by applying traps and insecticides

Mosquito Traps

Mosquitoes can effectively be managed by using various kinds of traps such as mosquito nets, mosquito zappers, rackets and magnets. One effective way of controlling mosquitoes is by using mosquito nets treated with pesticides. Mosquito nets are used to cover important areas or places in our houses such as beds or porches. Mosquito nets or screens come in various shapes and sizes to address the different needs of consumers. Choose nets with small mesh sizes to keep mosquitoes completely out of your reach.

Other popular traps that can be used to for mosquito control include; electric mosquito zappers, rackets and magnets. Electric mosquito zapper essentially works by attracting mosquitoes using ultra violet rays then killing them through a lethal electric charge. A racket is just a portable zapper. While mosquito magnets use carbon dioxide to entice or attract mosquitoes then suck them in the apparatus where they die from dehydration.

Spray Insecticides

You can get rid of mosquitoes easily by using effective insecticides available in the market. These insecticides essentially contain pyrethrin or pyrethroids which are active chemical ingredients that kill mosquitoes instantly. Insecticides should be sprayed in all areas of your home to effectively wipe the menace of mosquitoes completely. If this is not possible you can spray it on your clothes.

Mosquito Repellents

Another popular way of preventing mosquito bites is by using mosquito repellents. Repellents are applied on the skin and essentially work by repelling mosquitoes through a special kind of odor or smell. One popular repellent that is usually recommended by many experts is called DEET. DEET however, should not be used or applied on very young children as it’s known to cause dizziness and disturbing skin irritations. One effective alternative for kids is to use repellents made from natural elements such as cedar oil, eucalyptus oil or citronella spray.


Fogging is a mosquito control method applied outside our homes or outdoors to get rid of mosquitoes and other disturbing flies or pests. Fogging essentially means dispensing pesticides in form of cold or warm fog into the air or at mosquito infested zones. There are several types of fogging equipment that one can use to effectively dispense fog in the air or the infested area. The main types of fogging include; thermal foggers, electric foggers and propane foggers.

Destroying Breeding Habitats

Keep grass short Long grass and weeds are a perfect breeding and hiding habitat for mosquitoes. Damp or water- logged places such as marshes or swamps are notorious mosquito breeding grounds .If you want to eliminate mosquitoes completely from your home or surrounding environment then cutting or trimming grass to the lowest possible level is highly recommended.

Get rid of stagnant water. Mosquitoes usually breed in stagnant water. Draining or getting rid of standing water is an important mosquito control measure. Stagnant water can be present in various places such as ponds, swimming pools, used pots, ditches, marshes, holes in the yards, driveway holes, unused containers etc. Getting rid of stagnant water ideally means that that you completely disrupt the mosquito’s reproduction process or life-cycle, thereby reducing their numbers significantly.

Mosquito Larvae Control (mosquito dunks)

Another important measure that you can effectively use to get rid of mosquitoes is to use mosquito dunks or larvicides. Mosquito dunks are a special kind of bacteria that are only toxic to mosquito larvae but safe to humans and other aquatic organism such as fish. Mosquito larvaecides essentially destroy or kill the larvae thereby preventing them from forming into an adult mosquito. Larvaecides can be applied on all possible mosquito breeding grounds such as ponds, ditches, marshes, swimming pools, lakes etc. For effective control of the pesky the pests, experts; advice that mosquito dunks should ideally be applied during the start of the mosquito season for better results. This is one on the most effective ways of controlling or reducing the overall number of mosquito population in a home or area.

Other Methods

Biological control of mosquitoes

The mosquitoes menace can also be controlled by using biological control methods or ways; biological control methods involve introducing natural predators in mosquito breeding habitats such as swimming pools, ponds or lakes. These predators essentially get rid of mosquitoes by feeding on larvae or pupae, thereby disrupting the general mosquito life-cycle.

Wear long sleeved shirts and pants. Mosquitoes generally like to bite humans at every opportune moment. Mosquitoes are usually rife during early morning and evenings or at night. You should therefore ensure that you wear shirts or tops with long sleeves as well as long pants to protect your feet against mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are tiny insects that you may not be able see using the naked eye. It is therefore important to where such apparel at all times.

Ensure windows and doors are closed Another important tip to keep mosquitoes away is to always shut or close your windows and doors at all times especially when mosquito infestation is rife in your home surrounding or environment. Keeping all possible entrance points closed ensures that mosquitoes are barred from entering your home freely. The few mosquitoes that manage to enter the house or home can be eliminated effectively by using the available insecticide.

Getting rid of mosquitoes requires that you use all possible means available for any success to be achieved or realized. For effective mosquito control, it is important to disrupt the life-cycle of a mosquito by preventing larvae growth. This can easily be achieved by a destroying larvae through the use of larvae dunks or generally destroying all breeding grounds for effective mosquito control.

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