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Natural mosquito bite treatments have always been an important part of many home medicine cabinets for one reason: mosquito bites often cause allergic reactions (like swelling or local inflammation). There is also the risk of acquiring a disease through mosquito bites. To understand how these insects tick, we must study them from a biological perspective – and this article sheds light on one of the smallest yet deadliest insects in the world. Mosquito bite reactions are common – though the sensitivity of individuals varies from person to person.
In biology, the term “vector” denotes that an insect is a known carrier of a disease. A mosquito (member of the scientific family Culicidae) is the most prolific vector of malaria and Dengue hemorrhagic fever. They are not only dangerous – they are also nuisances that can easily disrupt social activities if they are present in significant numbers.
The mosquito is actually a kind of fly – which means they have a relatively short lifespan. During their immature phase, mosquitoes spend their lives as larvae in stagnant waters (uncovered water drums, untended water vases, etc.). A female mosquito can live up to 21 days – and within this time, the female mosquito must find a mate and lay her eggs to ensure the longevity of the species.
After emerging from its aquatic, non-flying phase, a mosquito can begin breeding two days after emerging as an adult mosquito. An adult mosquito is armed with a proboscis (a tube-like appendage) which acts as a covering for the mouth part responsible for piercing the skin of victims.
Mosquitoes feed solely on blood of animals (and humans) because blood is naturally rich in protein. Mosquitoes are known travelers. In fact, the adult mosquitoes that we see hanging around the house might have come from aquatic breeding grounds three to ten miles away! A few mosquito species have been known to stray as far as 30 miles from their original breeding areas.

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